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Tanning Questions

How do I prepare for a tanning session?

Clean, freshly moisturized skin is best. Be sure to check out our wide selection of lotions to enhance your tanning experience.


Should I moisturize before a tanning session?

Absolutely! Take your pick between bronzers, tingles, or accelerators for the deepest, darkest tan possible.


Can I take a shower after a tanning session?

Yes, but for best results allow your skin to rest for 4 hours before showering.


Can I work out after my tanning session?



How long will my tan last?

Everyone is different. A good moisturizer will help extend the life of your tan.


How many tanning sessions do I need for a good tan?

It depends on your skin type. Try taking our quiz to find out yours!<


How often can I tan?

We recommend every other day to build up a good base tan.


How long is a tanning session?

Our beds range from 9-15 minutes


When will I see results?

It depends on your skin type, but most people notice a healthy glow after their first few sessions.


Can I tan all year long?

Certainly. Alaskans especially enjoy tanning during the long winter months when we don’t see much sunlight.


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