Skin Type Quiz

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Take the Skin Type Test

The skin type test will help you plan your tanning sessions for best results.

1) What is your natural skin color?

2) What is your natural hair color?

3) What is your eye color?

4) How many freckles do you have?

5) What is your genetic heritage?

These questions will help you determine your skin type.

Skin Type 1 – lightest and most sensitive, most likely to burn when exposed to sunlight, keep outdoor and indoor tanning to a minimum.

Skin Type 2 – burn easily, sometimes severely, and suffer from skin peeling.

Skin Type 3 – includes people who both burn and tan moderately, average Caucasian person with white skin.

Skin Type 4 – burn minimally, but tan with relative ease.

Skin Type 5 – rarely burn and have an easy time tanning. includes brown skin people, such as East Indians and Hispanics.

Skin Type 6 – never burn and tan almost immediately when exposed to the sun, usually people of African and South Indian descent.

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—Looking Fit Magazine

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